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Weed Control

Damage to trees, shrubs, flowers and grasses can be caused by weeds, which are a common garden annoyance. Weeds lead to the destruction of landscape elements as well as invade the natural beauty of the lawn. When faced with the emergence of weeds in gardens and yards, many homeowners deem weed control a necessary component of lawn care. It is often difficult for homeowners in the Allentown, Eastern PA area to control weed growth because weeds tend to spread quickly and root deeply. Professional services are often need to implement lasting weed control when cutting down the weed simply isn’t enough. For a free weed control consultation, call Greenscapes Lawn Care at 610.509.7114.

Seeding Your Lawn

What Is Seeding?
Seeding is the planting of seed directly into existing turf while filling bare spots to improve density, improve grass varieties, and enhance color.

How Can Greenscapes Help?
Using our industry-leading proven techniques, we can utilize seeding to make your lawn healthy, green, and lush. Learn more by requesting a free evaluation today!


Gone are the days of dry, brittle grass. Using a fertilizer with the 3 primary nutrients, we develop a healthy root system in your lawn, while promoting rapid growth and lush green color.

Core Aeration

What Is Aeration?
Aeration creates holes in the soil to alleviate compaction so that air, water, and nutrients can reach grass roots. This helps to maintain healthy rich color and deeper root penetration.

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Check back later for more information on fertilization, aeration, seeding, and mulching, or contact us today to learn more. We appreciate your interest in our company!